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WendyMix 2022

Don’t Worry, Darlings, It’s The WendyMix 2022

22nd annual edition

Not the ‘best’ songs of the year, just what I had on repeat….a bonkers/diverse curation, as usual. Hope you enjoy at least a song or two. And wishing you and yours a happy and healthy 2023.

If those doctored photos above are a mystery to you – then you missed spitgate and Miss Flo, so congratulations you’re less obsessed with celebrity gossip and pop culture than I am. You can read up here.

Design assistance this year from What Is Bobo, which does brilliant real work on film posters and such, not this kind of nonsense. Hire them.

WendyMix 2022

Spotify link here

1. I’ve Got a Feeling, The Beatles

Because I watched Get Back too late in December 2021 to make last year’s mix. It’s obviously all downhill from here….

2. Nightshift, Bruce Springsteen

No disrespect to the Commodores.

3. Fever, Aldous Harding

New Zealand’s finest (except for Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi, Crowded House – oh, hell, you get the point.)

4. Slip Slide On By, Valerie June

She’s from Memphis and I think Elvis would like her.

5. Mariella, Khruangbin & Leon Bridges

Texas trio with added Atlanta soul.

6. As It Was, Harry Styles

I’m one of those grown-ass women who probably is a bit too intrigued by Harry.

7. Out of My Head, First Aid Kit

The ‘Emmylou’ gals from Sweden are back.

8. Fucking Wizardry, Self Esteem

Missed it on the 2021 album but found her in '22.

9. Burning, Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Here’s where I can also recommend the NYC music doc ‘Meet Me In the Bathroom.’

10. Lost Track, HAIM

With a video directed by PTA.

11. Lullaby, Grace Ives

A song by a NYC lass that kept popping up on my radar and I fell for it hard.

12. Strange, Miranda Lambert

Mostly here to piss off the one friend I have who gets riled up if I include anything vaguely country.

13. Shotgun, Soccer Mommy

“Cold beer and ice cream is all we keep” -- not a bad way to live.

14. Training Montage, The Mountain Goats

Pretty sure ‘Going to Georgia’ was my most played song of 1994. I feel old.

15. Porta, Sharon Van Etten

Love her range.

16. Roman Holiday, Fontaines D.C.

One of the few guitar bands I seem to hear anything about.

17. What, Me Worry?, Portugal. The Man.

When bad band names happen to good bands.

18. Que tal America, Two Man Sound

A late ‘70s LatAm-influenced disco track from a Belgian band. We named our rescue cat, Pipou, after their wacky drummer. As you do.

19. New Body Rhumba, LCD Soundsystem

For when you’re too old for Daft Punk to be playing in your house.

20. You’re on Your Own Kid, Taylor Swift

I can’t quit my TayTay obsession.

21. One and Only, Gabriels

Cool as f—k trio. On the BBC’s Sounds of 2023 so you’re cool for the future too.

22. Anything But Me, MUNA

LA queer-as-folk trio.

23. 17 18 19, Ibibio Sound Machine

London afro-funk.

24. No Gold Teeth, Danger Mouse and Black Thought

Hat tip to Scotty, who is occasionally hipper than me (but most likely listening to Miles Davis).

25. Church Girl, Beyonce

I encourage all church girls to be actin’ loose.

26. This Hell, Rina Sawayama

A perfect double shot with Church Girl, for all the Bible Beaters out there.

27. Hold My Hand, Lady Gaga

Because watching Top Gun: Maverick was bliss. I will not hear a bad word about Tom Cruise's dimples.

28. About Damn Time, Lizzo

She had me at bad bitch o’clock…

Once again, the Spotify link is here - even if you dont' pay for Spotify you can listen.

If you are weird enough to like my musical tastes, there’s a second playlist of more Deep Cuts here.

With the money I save going digital and not making hundreds of CDs and posting them around the globe, I have made a donation to Music Action International, which runs music programmes with refugees and survivors of war.


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