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I am the UK and Nordic delegate for San Sebastian Film Festival, scouting films and talent from the UK and the Nordic region for the festival, as well as working on an industry conference there.

I am curating series for Nordic Film Days, Lubeck.

I will be moderating sessions at Connext in Antwerp, Belgium in October 2022.

I recently worked with Picturehouse and Sundance to produce Sundance Film Festival: London 2022


At Cannes, I moderate for the Marche's Producers Network

At Cannes and Berlin I also host filmmaker conversations for Scandinavian Films.

At the Berlin EFM 2021 and 2022 I wrote these reports on their Think Tanks.

Previously I have worked with Zurich Film Festival and Zurich Summit and International Film Festival Rotterdam and have moderated works in progress at Goteborg, Haugesund and MIA (Rome).

I have served on juries for Venice Critics Week, Edinburgh, Cartagena, Curacao, CineVegas, RiverRun, CoNNEXT, Moving Sweden, WFTV, Underwire, Newport and Sarasota, among others festivals and awards.

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