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The Wendy50 Dance Party

As you know I feel the urge to create a playlist for most occasions, so this is my 50th birthday playlist – it’s 50 songs, one from each year of my life, in chronological order.

These are not my 50 fave songs of all time or anything (I have slightly better musical taste than that), just one song per year that makes me want to dance around the kitchen.

A mix of the big pop songs of my youth, a few wild cards reflecting my NC heritage, and some recent tunes that I frankly like far less than the ‘80s hits.

A few notes:

  • The trainspotters out there might question some of the years – it’s EITHER year of song’s release or year it was still in the charts.

  • I think my sweet spot was 1984 (age 10 – perfect age to obsess over pop music): When Doves Cry; Footloose; The Reflex; We Belong; Glamorous Lifel Spy in the House of Love; Electric Dreams; Like a Virgin; I Want a New Drug; It’s Like That, and on and on.

  • My self-imposed rule was no artist could appear twice. Also it’s not necessarily my fave song from each artist – I’m much more a Like a Virgin or Like a Prayer person than a Ray of Light person but 1998 was better hole to plug (although I had really wanted to put in Music Sounds Better With You that year, too as my one and only club anthem.)

  • This could possibly the only mix in existence that has both Nelly and the Archers in Loaf in one handy playlist [that’s who is pictured above]

Enjoy this because the 60th birthday playlist might start to include Lawrence Welk.

Hope it makes you want to dance, too.


Here's the link to Spotify (and a reminder you can play even if you don't pay for a Spotify account)


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