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Citizen Canine events

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

I’m so excited for Citizen Canine to finally be published on Feb 10 (you can preorder here from Amazon)

And thrilled to announce a few fun events related to the book:


I am super excited to be part of Picturehouse Central’s dog-friendly preview screening of Disney’s new Call of the Wild film. I’ll do an intro talk to the film and sign books afterwards. More info here

Yes, dog-friendly means you can bring your dog to the film (the dogs even get their own seats!) Can’t wait to see you and your pooches there! You can also come without your own dog…

past events

In Rotterdam, de Doelen is hosting a dog parade that will kick off with a talk by me about dogs in movies, and then include a dog fashion shoot and the parade. It starts at 2 pm, Saturday 25 January at de Doelen Studio and more info is here (in Dutch). IFFR people, come on down!

In Goteborg, I’ll be doing a dogs in movies talk at Goteborg Art Museum on Sat Feb 1 at 1300. You can see more info and buy tickets here.


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