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And the best DJs in Cannes are...

At the annual DJ battle of festival teams in Cannes at the Nordic party, the group from Sarajevo was deemed this year’s winner. The judges were from Rotterdam, who won in 2018.

Each group this year played two songs instead of the previous grouping of three. Festival director Mirsad Purivatra reveals, “We asked our short film programming team to step up and they came up with the concept - one brand new song, one oldie but goldie.”

The two tracks that won it for them were Billie Eilish’s "Bad Guy" and The Prodigy’s "No Good."

And a third celebratory song after the winners were announced was the ever-popular "Common People" by Pulp. This intrepid reporter can confirm that the dancefloor exploded.

Congrats to the team of Amra, Jovan, Asja, Lejla, Armin, Alex and Miro. And thanks Cia and Gyda and teams for throwing a great bash for all of us!

(Read more about the competition in my past blog post here.)

Some fun pictures here:

Your winners from Sarajevo

I go full-on Viking with Cia as Pippi


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