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A half-year WendyMix!

Because of an unprecedented year, I thought I would offer an unprecedented kinda-halfway-through 2020 WendyMIx. (Spotify link is below)

I have been listening to LOTS of music on lockdown, and I wanted to share some tunes that you might enjoy. Some new stuff from the first half of the year plus a few old classics inspired by what I've been watching. Some are quite summery so felt wrong to save them til Xmas.

Rest assured I am already holding back a few other gems (I'm looking at you, Fiona Apple) that will be on the 20th anniversary WendyMix at the end of the year. Like a cockroach, the WendyMix can survive any pandemic...

Hope you enjoy some of these songs meanwhile...Stay well, everyone.

And I hope my hair won't look exactly like Carole Baskin's when I emerge in public...

"Hell N Back" Bakar

Cool sounds from Camden.

"Can’t Cool Me Down" Car Seat Headrest

Dumb band name, smart music…from Seattle’s Will Toledo.

"Can’t Do Much" Waxahatchee

Southern gothic for our times. Her whole album Saint Cloud is beautiful.

"We Will Always Love You" The Avalanches feat. Blood Orange

Pitchfork calls them “plunderphonic” and I have no f’ing idea what that means.

"Loving Is Easy" Rex Orange County feat. Benny Sings

Soft rocking is easy. I think the song is from 2017 but it’s new to me!

"Adore You" Harry Styles

Go on, you know you want to Google “Harry Styles in fishnets”

"The Steps" HAIM

Can’t have summer without HAIM.

"Lost In Yesterday" Tame Impala Also can’t have summer without Tame Impala. "4 American Dollars" U.S. Girls Like a post-modern girl group. "House Music All Night Long" JARV IS Don’t worry it sounds nothing like house music, it sounds like Jarvis. "Gospel For A New Century" Yves Tumor Best band name of the year. "Automatic Driver" La Roux Synthpop gets serious. "She's Crafty" Beastie Boys Inspired by Spike Jonze's Beastie Boys story (on Apple+). Jesus, License to Ill still sounds great 34 years later. And yes that makes me feel old. "The Choice is Yours" Black Sheep Inspired by The Last Dance; the Michael Jordan doc had a killer soundtrack. Takes me back to 1991 all over again. Fun fact, a guy I went to actual high school with – Rusty LaRue (yes, his real name) later played on that same Chicago Bulls team with MJ. "Ooh la la" Run The Jewels feat. Greg Nice and DJ Premier Contender for album of the year. "Any Day" Riz Ahmed feat. Jay Sean Riz for President! Or Prime Minister! Or both! "Blinding Lights" The Weeknd Ear worm from that viral dance thing. Of course I’m too lazy and uncoordinated to try the moves myself. "Stupid Love" Lady Gaga Not the best Gaga…. but in strange times, any new Gaga is better than no Gaga. "Savage" (Remix) Megan Thee Stallion, feat. Beyonce Words for 2020: Classy, bougie, ratchet. Sassy, moody, nasty. "Dancing on My Own" Robyn Always and forever THE song for solo kitchen dance parties.  From 2010 but clearly a song meant for 2020.


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