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The WendyMix 2018

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

Now in its 18th annual edition (baby's all grown up and can legally have a beer in the UK!), the WendyMix 2018 is a collection of songs I loved listening to in 2018. Not really claiming to say these are the "best" songs of 2018, just ones I grooved to.

Enjoy on these two Spotify playlists:

WendyMix 2018 (20 songs)

WendyMix 2018 DeepCuts (45+ songs and growing)

And the 20 videos are here:

1. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, Shallow

You knew this was a shoo-in, right? Gaga’s voice gives me goosebumps, and BCoops, well…err…he looks good in his cowboy hat?

2. Birdtalker, Heavy

Perfect Americana. From Nashville, discovered on my favourite music podcast All Songs Considered by NPR.

3. The Staves, Teeth White

A 2015 song I only heard for the first time this year, love these three sisters’ harmonies. Lots of girl power in this year’s mix.

4. Suede, Life is Golden

They’re baaaack and Brett Anderson, 50, can still mostly hit the notes. And nice to have some rare uplifting lyrics.

5. Mattiel, Count Your Blessings

Buzzy band of 2018. Nearly lost my marbles trying to figure out whether to include this song or “Whites of Their Eyes” – did I make the right choice?

6. Soccer Mommy, Last Girl

Another Nashville musician. Horrible moniker, great album.

7. G Flip, About You

Australian drummer girl genius who made this alone in her bedroom. Kids today, eh!?

8. Nilüfer Yanya, Baby Luv

One of my fave tracks of the year from a multiculti London 22-year-old.

9. Wolf Alice, Don’t Delete The Kisses

I’m about a year behind on this, but watched them win the Mercury Prize in 2018 and fell in love with her and her bare feet.

10. Christine & The Queens, Doesn’t Matter

Existential French pop.

11. Santigold, Run The Road

Santigold goes Caribbean and I like it. The whole album, I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions, is summery fun.

12. Tank and the Bangas, Smoke.Netflix.Chill

The best song ever to namecheck an Internet giant?

13. Jorja, Blue Lights

New British R&B from a 20-year-old phenom. A song about police brutality that’s actually rather beautiful. She’s 20. Kids today, eh!?

14. Prince, Nothing Compares 2 U

Because we finally got to hear his original 1984 version this year.

15. Drake, In My Feelings

Hey Kiki! The brilliant song that inspired a lot of idiots to dance alongside moving cars (YouTube it). Kids today, eh!?

16. Loyle Carner, Ottolenghi

Heard this on 6Music and stopped everything I was doing. Evidently inspired by the looks he got reading an Ottolenghi cookbook on public transport. Ottolenghi: not just for posh pomegranate salads at middleclass dinner parties!

17. Childish Gambino, This Is America

Donald Glover was killing it in 2018. More powerful if you watch the video of course. But, you, along with 424 million other people, have already seen it, right?

18. Lizzo, Boys

More girl power, this time about boy power! Somehow I like to think if I met Lizzo in real life she’d want to have a drink with me.

19. Maroon 5 Girls Like You

You know I always have to ruin a good mix with at least one truly awful pop song. Adam Levine is probably a douchebag

20. Chaka Khan, Like Sugar

Not just girl power, WOMAN POWER. Her first new song in 11 years.

Mattiel can count her blessings (get it!?) at making the cut for the 2018 WendyMix


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