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Film festival strategies podcast

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

My good buddy Stuart Wright runs a great podcast series at Britflicks, and I recently recorded two podcasts with him. Here's the first one, about some tips for filmmakers when thinking about film festival strategies. Just a few things we covered: how to register for the British Council's film festival selector screening series, Calibre's path to success, why it's okay that most films don't get into Cannes, who to show your film to for initial advice and feedback, how to research what festival might be a good fit for your film, the UK festival landscape, what to do when you actually get to a film festival, the tricky world of submission fee waivers and screening fees, and when to stop drinking the free champagne...

If the nifty player below isn't showing up for you, you can go listen at this link.

And of course check out loads more of Stuart's podcasts here at Britflicks.


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